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Separation of Isobaric Androgens Using MALDI-2 TIMS Imaging

Separation of Isobaric Androgens Using MALDI-2 TIMS Imaging content piece image

In order to develop novel therapeutic treatments, it is key to understand the tissue-specific steroids metabolic pathways. Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) is a powerful tool to visualize the distribution of such molecules involved in tissue metabolism. However, the detection of androgens by mass spectrometry is a challenge, due to their low abundance and poor ionization efficiency. Decreasing the levels of circulatory androgens is a common technique to block tumor cell growth for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Download this app note to learn more about:

  • Imaging of derivatized isobaric androgens
  • Detecting endogenous concentrations of androgens
  • Using trapped ion mobility to unravel complex isobaric features