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Spot Aggregation Early With B22 and kD on Stunner

Biopharmaceuticals are trending towards high concentration therapeutics, but with higher concentrations also comes an increased risk of protein aggregation. The diffusion interaction parameter (kD) and the second virial coefficient (B22) are well-established parameters for predicting the colloidal stability and the aggregation propensity of proteins. These parameters can be determined independently of each other using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS).

This application note describes how you can compare the aggregation propensity of different protein formulations with the B22 and kD application.

Download this application note to discover how Stunner, a unique combination of simultaneous protein quantification and sizing, can:

  • Make measuring kD and B22 fast and easy
  • Take your protein characterization to the next level
  • Measure both the concentration and quality of 96 samples in just 1 hour