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Biologic Production and Host Cell Proteins

Host cell proteins can prove problematic for the development of novel biopharmaceuticals. This article will highlight some of the latest advances in host cell analysis strategies and how they are being implemented.
Spider web on a black background.

Unraveling the Secrets of Spider Silk

Spider silk is a remarkable material, offering high tensile strength and natural elasticity. In this article, learn how a group of scientists are currently exploring its untapped potential in medical and materials science.
Person's finger tracing down a nutrition label on food packaging.

Addressing the Question of Nutritional Equivalence in Future Foods

Many avenues are being explored to feed the population. While the likes of cellular agriculture still provide consumers with animal cells and the nutritional value they convey, the same cannot necessarily be said for their plant-based counterparts.
A title reading "An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics"

An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian statistics has emerged as a powerful methodology for making decisions from data in the applied sciences. Bayesian brings a new way of thinking to statistics, in how it deals with probability, uncertainty and drawing inferences from an analysis.
A surgeon operating on a patient using a head mounted optical tool for precision work.

Implanting Microdevices Into Brain Tumors To Determine the Best Treatment

Scientists have demonstrated the potential for using intratumoral microdevices (IMDs) to test various cancer drugs on the tumor before implementing systemic treatment. The approach could offer a hope in tackling hard-to-treat gliomas.
Graphical representation of the human liver surrounded by antibodies.

Autoantibody Detection for the Differentiation of Autoimmune Liver Diseases

This article explores the importance of testing for liver-related autoantibodies to differentiate between three autoimmune liver diseases.
A researcher holds up a vial of liquid containing a strand of DNA.

Advances in Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Biopharmaceuticals require careful analysis during research, development and manufacturing. In this article, we highlight some of the analytical techniques employed in biopharmaceutical analysis, and how the field is evolving to meet new challenges.
A close up of mature kale plants.

A Green Approach To Upcycle Vegetable Waste

Scientists have devised an environmentally friendly method that turns vegetable waste into health and personal care products, giving vegetable waste a new lease of life in a sustainable and cost effective manner.
Person holding a folded pink ribbon representing breast cancer support against the background of a pink fury blanket.

Drug Combination Could Offer Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Breast Cancer

Researchers explored the impact of double HER2 mutations and identified a specific combination of existing cancer drugs able to target breast cancer cells that were previously resistant to treatment.
A picture detailing the contents of a cell.

Single-Cell Proteomics: Mass Spec vs Single-Molecule Sequencing

There has been excitement surrounding single-molecule sequencing and its possible application in single-cell proteomics. We speak with Dr. Ryan Kelly to understand how its capabilities currently compare to mass spectrometry.