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Latest Industry Insights

Protein structure.
Industry Insight

Expanding the Drug Target Universe: How Next-Generation Proteomics Is Transforming Oncology Research

Cutting-edge mass spectrometry proteomics technologies are accelerating the discovery and validation of novel targets in cancer, opening up new avenues for next-generation cancer therapeutics.
Cancer patient with a line in her arm talking to a medic with a stethoscope around her neck.
Industry Insight

Next-Generation Proteomics Solutions Set To Accelerate Targeted Therapies

Hear how the capabilities of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics are proving themselves in drug development and discovery and what this means for those working in oncology.
RNA molecule.
Industry Insight

Quality Control for RNA Therapeutics: Meeting a Growing Need

New applications for RNA therapeutics are continuously emerging. In this burgeoning space, nucleic acid quantification can help this dynamic therapeutic modality reach its full potential.
A scientist holds a green globe in both hands. It is surrounded by icons representing areas of sustaibility.
Industry Insight

Ensuring Performance, Intelligence and Sustainability in MS

At ASMS, Technology Networks spoke with Ken Suzuki and Jennifer Gushue to learn more about how Agilent is addressing customer needs with novel “intelligence” features and the company’s efforts to ensure the sustainability and longevity of its products.
A large collection of different batteries
Industry Insight

The Challenges Facing Battery Manufacturers

Researchers have made significant strides toward developing improved battery chemistries, but scaling up production is challenging. To find out more, we spoke to Zhao Liu, senior market development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
An abstract illustration of several people standing together.
Industry Insight

Accelerating and Refining With Mass Spectrometry

At ASMS 2023, Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Chris Lock, vice president of global research and development at SCIEX, to discuss the newly launched Intabio ZT system.
A picture depicting proteins within a cell.
Industry Insight

Increasing Throughput While Protecting Proteome Coverage

At ASMS 2023, Technology Networks spoke with Jim Yano, senior director of product management at Thermo Fisher Scientific, to learn more about the company's novel instrument launches and how they could be applied to personalized medicine.
An image depicting single-cell sequencing.
Industry Insight

Advances in Mass Spectrometry Drive Immunopeptidomics

At the 71st Annual Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) meeting, Technology Networks had the pleasure of speaking with Rohan Thakur, president of Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry at Bruker Daltonics. We discussed the new product launches from Bruker and focused specifically on the applications of the company’s newest mass spectrometer, the timsTOF Ultra, for immunopeptidomics.
10th birthday candle and confetti.
Industry Insight

A Decade of DIA and Key Milestones: The 10-Year Anniversary of SWATH DIA

The 10-year anniversary of SWATH DIA signifies a period of immense growth that is only expected to continue to evolve, influencing a wide range of fields. This article explores key milestones for SWATH DIA since its development.
An image of a robot meeting a human hand.
Industry Insight

Supporting Reproducibility and Accelerating Workflows With Automated Systems

At SLAS 2023, Technology Networks spoke with the PerkinElmer Life Sciences and Diagnostics organization to discuss the launch of two new automated platforms. These innovative systems are designed to improve workflows such as high-throughput drug discovery screening and next-generation sequencing library prep through advances in automation technologies.