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Latest Industry Insights

An LC-MS bottle.
Industry Insight

New Levels of Sensitivity in LC-MS

The development of the 7500 LC-MS system from SCIEX is bringing new levels of analytical sensitivity to researchers. To find out more about the system and the applications that could benefit, we spoke to Jack Steed, a technical specialist from SCIEX.
Human hand holding a green Earth surrounded by trees.
Industry Insight

Leading by Example, Challenging the Sustainability Mindset

We spoke to Darlene Solomon to learn more about improving sustainability in science and Agilent’s commitment to My Green Lab and other sustainability initiatives.
Representation of a futuristic scientific research laboratory.
Industry Insight

Tackling COVID-19 and Influenza Testing With Semi-Automation

This article discusses how semi-automation drastically improved the accuracy and precision of the lab’s results, and freed up its busy scientists to run other vital tests that had temporarily been forced to take a backseat.
An illustrated representation of the human ear and inner ear structures.
Industry Insight

Hearing Loss Therapies Made Possible by Unlocking Access to the Inner Ear

In this interview, we speak to Dr. Simon Chandler, CEO of Rinri Therapeutics, to learn more about a new surgical method of accessing the human cochlea which could pave the way for new therapies for hearing loss.
Unlocking the Power of Spatial Biology content piece image
Industry Insight

Unlocking the Power of Spatial Biology

In this interview, we speak to Vikram Devgan at NanoString Technologies to learn more about how added context from spatial biology techniques can provide more detailed insights during tissue analysis.
Whirling patterns of colored light.
Industry Insight

Meet the Team Who Want To Develop Psychedelics Without the Hallucinations

There remains an active debate within the psychedelic community about the importance of psychedelic experiences to these drugs’ therapeutic effects. Delix Therapeutics is developing compounds, called psychoplastogens, that act similarly to psychedelic compounds at the molecular level but do not induce hallucinations. We spoke with the Delix team to find out more about their research's progress.
Test tubes of blood.
Industry Insight

Advances and New Technologies in Syndromic Testing

Technology Networks spoke with Arvind Kothandaraman to find out about the technologies underpinning syndromic testing, recent advances in the field and its possible role in pandemic prevention.
Cartoon image of two researchers, one presenting and the other using a laptop.
Industry Insight

Using Data Lineage and Traceability to Optimize Publishing Potential

This article discusses the importance of data lineage and traceability for academic labs looking to maximize their publishing potential.
Unraveling Biological Complexity With Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry  content piece image
Industry Insight

Unraveling Biological Complexity With Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry

This article discusses how specialized charge detection mass spectrometers have been developed to enable simultaneous charge detection and decipher large and complex macromolecules, ultimately increasing accuracy and providing high-resolution measurements for better analysis of biotherapeutics.
Novel Biosensor Aims To Help Fight Against Forever Chemicals content piece image
Industry Insight

Novel Biosensor Aims To Help Fight Against Forever Chemicals

There is widespread concern about the characteristics of PFAS and its impacts on human health. Can a protein biosensor help in this fight?