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Automated Gas Chromatography Platform Aims To Simplify Lab Operations

Automated Gas Chromatography Platform Aims To Simplify Lab Operations content piece image
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PerkinElmer announced the launch of a new automated gas chromatography (GC) solution at Analytica, the GC 2400 Platform. By bringing together systems, software and a wide range of columns and consumables, the GC 2400 aims to reduce both hands-on time and human error in pharmaceutical, food, environmental and industrial analyses.

To learn more about the GC 2400 Platform, we spoke to Suneet Chadha, VP/GM of applied and food markets at PerkinElmer.

Ash Board (AB): Can you tell us more about the GC 2400 Platform and what it includes?

Suneet Chadha (SC):
The GC 2400 platform has been designed from the ground up with lab managers’, scientists’ and technicians’ needs in mind. They want GC technology that is easier to monitor remotely, able to keep up with high throughput demands and intuitive to use in terms of data and workflow management. Our new offering addresses all these needs, helping labs be more efficient and productive. The solution also provides choice and convenience covering a wide range of GC workflow elements – from instruments, accessories and software to consumables and columns.

AB: The GC 2400 Platform allows teams to better manage and monitor their GC analyses, how does it do this and what does this enable?

The GC 2400 Platform offers innovative technology that enables access to real-time information on the go. Lab teams can efficiently monitor the status of their sample runs with a detachable, intuitively designed instrument touchscreen. This can help them make faster and better decisions from anywhere – in or out of the lab. With single- and dual-tower capabilities, the AS 2400 Liquid Sampler features plug-and-play towers that can be easily moved from one analytical channel to another, or from one GC to another, without the need for manual reconfigurations. Downtime and training time is significantly reduced, enhancing labs’ overall output and ROI. Additionally, the SimplicityChom™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) in the Platform helps drive better data management and monitoring by connecting and integrating all GC workflow steps – streamlining processes. For labs that test highly regulated samples such as pharmaceuticals and food, the software supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

AB: What features make the GC 2400 Platform well-suited for high-throughput environments?

The GC 2400 Platform features software and automation capabilities that are designed to help high-throughput labs increase their productivity and efficiency. With the intuitive SimplicityChromCDS Software, every step in the GC workflow, from instrument control to data processing, is fully integrated and visualized as well as guided, driving more operational efficiency and adapting to the diverse levels of users’ expertise. The built-in automation for smart sampling and highly precise headspace reduces human error and the amount of hands-on time required – allowing for more runs to be handled at any one time. Both the software and the automation cut down on the need for complex or time-consuming user training. Something that busy high-throughput labs cannot afford. 

AB: How does this improve upon the current offerings on the market?

The GC 2400 Platform takes GC user experience and user connection to the next level. The detachable touchscreen with the PerkinElmer GC web app allows users to get real-time, central access to status information of one or multiple GC 2400’s and to monitor status whether they are in the lab working on other tasks or out of the lab meeting, or on the go. Thanks to the unique pressure-balanced sampling technology of the HS 2400 headspace sampler, headspace analyses deliver precise results and labs have the peace of mind of streamlined method development.

AB: The GC 2400 Platform includes sustainable and safe gas use features. Can you explain more about these and the benefits they provide?

Helium is a completely non-renewable resource and one that is expensive given the process of extraction – this has a big impact on labs’ operational costs and the renewability of resources. Laboratories have started thinking of ways to cut back on helium use and are looking to alternative gas options to overcome helium shortages and price instability. The PerkinElmer GC 2400 System’s gas saver mode helps minimize the use of gas between and during runs and when the system is not in use. The gas saver mode is controlled by the PerkinElmer SimplicityChrom CDS Software so teams don’t need to take manual steps to save. Hydrogen is considered a more sustainable alternative but safety concerns exist around its use. With the GC 2400 Platform, the optional built-in hydrogen-sensor (GC & HS) offers added safety when using the greener and less costly carrier gas alternative. The software-controlled hydrogen-sensor also immediately sets the system into safety status when a hydrogen leak is detected. This allows users of the GC2400 solution to be both greener and safer in their laboratories.

Suneet Chadha was speaking to Dr. Ash Board, Editorial Director at Technology Networks.