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Latest Infographics

Challenges for Biopharma content piece image

Challenges for Biopharma

The pursuit for innovative therapies in the biopharma industry is not without its challenges. Anticipating and addressing these hurdles can make or break the success of your biopharmaceutical product, regardless of the therapy type. Download this infographic for a snapshot of 30 insights on key challenges in the drug development pipeline.
Influenza: Pathology, Diagnosis and Prevention  content piece image

Influenza: Pathology, Diagnosis and Prevention

A century has passed since the 1918 global flu pandemic, aka the ‘Spanish flu’. Back in the early 1900s, the virus was a relatively novel concept. Since then, our understanding of viruses has come a long way, as have our diagnostics tools, and control and preventative strategies.
Newborn Screening content piece image

Newborn Screening

Neonatal screening is designed to identify newborn babies with conditions that are treatable, but not clinically evident in the newborn period. Download this infographic to learn about one of the most successful public health screening programs to date.
Top-down vs. Bottom-up Proteomics content piece image

Top-down vs. Bottom-up Proteomics

This infographic reviews these two proteomic approaches, outlines the main
advantages and disadvantages of each, and highlights the applications each
approach is best suited for.
Forensic DNA Analysis content piece image

Forensic DNA Analysis

The dawn of forensic DNA analysis has had a large part to play in the evolution of criminal and private investigations. Even the smallest residues can be used to place someone at a crime scene or determine how people are related to one another. Forensic DNA analysis doesn’t stop with people either, law enforcers are using the techniques to combat smuggling of animals and exotic woods too.
Separation in Bioprocessing content piece image

Separation in Bioprocessing

This infographic provides an overview of the processes behind the large-scale purification of biologically-derived products.
Food Microbiology content piece image

Food Microbiology

This infographic focuses on the harmful microorganisms that contaminate and spoil our food.
Cell-Based Analyses for Neuroscience Research content piece image

Cell-Based Analyses for Neuroscience Research

Download this infographic to explore the pros and cons of current neuronal cell models, learn how to overcome the limitations of current technologies and discover the advantages of real-time live-cell analysis.
Tapping Into Diagnostics to Harness the Microbiome content piece image

Tapping Into Diagnostics to Harness the Microbiome

The extent to which resident microbes can affect our health is slowly being realized, and our current understanding may be just the tip of the iceberg. Download this infographic to learn how knowledge of the microbiome can be used to aid medical decision-making, as well as current trends, goals, techniques and challenges of the field.
HPLC vs UHPLC content piece image


Here we highlight some of the key similarities and differences between high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC), and consider some of their many applications.