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Histological slide (H & E stain at x300) showing prostate cancer.

Potential “Game Changer” Discovery for Prostate Cancer Therapy

Researchers have identified a previously unknown weak spot in prostate cancer cells that could also lead to entirely new therapeutic approaches for other types of cancer.
Interconnected colored balls and sticks representing a molecule.

Artificial Molecules Created That Behave Like Real Ones

Scientists can now simulate the behavior of real molecules by using artificial molecules, enabling them to alter the properties of molecules in ways that are normally difficult or unrealistic and aid understanding of how molecules change.
A cooked shrimp held up between a pair of chopsticks.

Pressure and Steam Reduce Allergenicity of Shrimp

Researchers have found that reverse-pressure sterilization can produce a less-allergenic shrimp product that, when tested in mice sensitive to the crustaceans, did not cause severe reactions.
A barley plant with raindrops.

Molecular Elucidation of Barley's Untapped Potential Could Help Improve Yields

Understanding the molecular underpinnings of how barley flowers could help to improve the yield from the plant.
Two colors of paint come together.

Actions of Protein "Glues" Uncovered by Mass Spec

Molecular "glues" are emerging as powerful tools that can stick proteins together in the body. Mass spectrometry has revealed new insights into the actions of these "glues".
The structure of the artificial spherical chromatophore nanomicelles system and its mechanism study.

Artificial Photocatalysis Used To Achieve Sustainable Solar Energy Conversion

Researchers have developed a highly-stable system that does not rely on precious metals to effectively harness light energy for the photocatalytic process.
A collection of mottled greyish soapstone cubes.

Rocks Could Be the Next Revolution in Solar Energy Collection

Certain soapstone and granite samples from Tanzania have been found to be well suited for storing solar heat, suitable for a new approach to sustainable energy known as concentrated solar power.
Man sat in a car with the the wipers going a screen wash on the screen.

Screen Wash an Underestimated Source of Pollution

Alcohols in windshield washer fluid have been found to account for a larger fraction of real-world vehicle emissions than previous estimates have suggested.
Rocky mountains in the background with a lake and tree-covered island in the foreground.

Materials Around Us Are Defined by Water Molecules

A study upends the paradigm that the atoms and molecules that make up the natural world define the character of solid matter, and argues that the character of many biological materials is actually created by the water that permeates these materials.
Red and yellow spheres forming a matrix.

Novel Resin Enables Generation and Purification of Radium and Actinium for Cancer Therapeutics

Zirconium-based materials have been shown to effectively separate radium and actinium, which could enable the large-scale production of radioisotopes for cancer therapy.