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Three images, one of the entire Tasmanian tiger, the next of its head and the next of a specimen label.

RNA Recovered From Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Scientists have isolated and sequenced more than a century-old RNA from an extinct Tasmanian tiger specimen that had been preserved in a museum.
Splashing milk caught mid splash with droplets in the air.

Pasteurization-Resistant Bacterium Can Persist in Microfiltered Milk

A new filtration process that aims to extend milk’s shelf life can result in a pasteurization-resistant Microbacterium passing into fluid milk if equipment isn’t properly cleaned early, food scientists have found.
A polymer chain distorts in a bubble.

Long-Standing Polymer Science Puzzle Solved

New research has characterized how a dissolved polymer chain responds to suddenly accelerating solvent flow, solving a long-standing polymer chemistry puzzle.
The drug detecting handheld device.

Illegal Drugs Detected Instantly With 95% Accuracy by Portable Device

Spice, the synthetic cannabinoid, can be fatal and often causes severe side effects. Researchers have now developed a device that lights up in the presence of illegal drugs and is expected to be cleared for rollout across the UK over the next few months.
Fluorescence microscopy image showing many worm-like bacteria against a black background.

New Genus of Hydrogen Sulfide-Producing Gut Bacteria Discovered

Scientists have discovered a new intestinal microbe that feeds exclusively on taurine and produces the foul-smelling gas hydrogen sulfide, providing another building block in understanding microbial processes that have fascinating effects on health.
Pregnant woman holding an ultrasound image.

New Method Predicts Outcomes of Pregnancies With Fetal Growth Problems

A team of scientists, led by researchers at UCL, has developed new methods to predict outcomes for pregnancies where there are issues with poor growth of the baby inside the womb.
CO<sub>2</sub> molecules floating in the sky.

Catalyst Could Improve Conversion of Waste CO2 to Useful Formate

Researchers have developed a catalyst for the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to formate, an important chemical widely used in the leather, textile and mining industries.
An iceberg floats on blue water.

Antarctic Sea Ice Algae Shown To Have a Seasonal Cycle

A new study has shown how sea ice algae adjust to the unusual seasonal rhythms of the Antarctic that cause changes to water salinity and temperature.
A person's hand reaching out to light.

Some Cardiac Arrest Survivors Can Report Clear Memories of Death

A first-of-its-kind study has explored consciousness and brain activity in patients during cardiopulmonary resuscitation after a cardiac arrest.
A small plume of blue-gray smoke.

Origins of Key Hydrocarbons Probed

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are believed to be responsible for chemical processes that lead to soot and carbonaceous nanoparticles. New research probes how they form in extreme environments.