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Agilent Technologies and BioTrove Sign Collaborative Marketing Agreement for Ultra-High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Solution

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Agilent Technologies Inc. and BioTrove Inc. have announced that they have signed an agreement to co-market the Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer with BioTrove’s RapidFire high-throughput sample preparation systems. The two systems together provide an integrated solution for ultra-high-throughput preparation and analysis of in vitro biological assays in pharmaceutical drug research.

“This relationship enables clients to integrate the fastest sample-preparation system on the market with the strength of leading-edge analytical mass spectrometry,” said Guenter Nill, Agilent general manager, pharmaceutical and biotech market. “It significantly benefits pharmaceutical companies that want to spend less time and money discovering new leads and developing more effective medicines.”

According to BioTrove, using microfluidic technology for sample preparation and analysis faster than eight seconds per sample, RapidFire Mass Spectrometry (RF-MS) eliminates bottlenecks created by traditional mass spectrometry throughput. It has been used by 10 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies as an established drug-discovery tool for more than four years. RF-MS is routinely used in applications including the high-throughput screening of previously intractable drug targets, cytochrome P450 inhibition as well as in directed evolution studies.

The Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS establishes a new standard for value in a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, delivering outstanding sensitivity and great ease of use along with traditional Agilent reliability. Femtogram-level sensitivity and rugged, reliable performance make this the instrument of choice for drug discovery and development.

“The Agilent-BioTrove collaboration provides an improved, integrated high-throughput screening solution, enabling biopharmaceutical companies to better use their talent, time and targets,” said Al Luderer, Ph.D., president and CEO, BioTrove. “BioTrove’s expertise in sample preparation for high-throughput screening and early ADME is a natural complement to Agilent’s strength in analytical mass spectrometry. Together, we are enabling walk-away analysis of lead compounds against valuable targets that would be otherwise impossible to screen, helping biopharma clients meet the challenge of accelerating drug discovery research.”