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Analytik Jena AG Receives Major Order from China

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Analytik Jena has once again acquired a major order from its most important export region, China. The Company will supply a total of 33 atomic absorption spectrometers of the ZEEnit 700 P product to the “Water Resources Bureau” of the Chinese metropolis Chongqing, which is responsible for preserving the drinking water quality of the groundwater resources and for protecting the natural characteristics of the water systems there. The devices will be used to analyze and monitor the rural drinking water quality in the region, which is home to more than 30 million people.

“I am pleased that we were once again able to win an important public tender and overcome bids from major competitors. This is a big vote of confidence from our customer, who is depending on the experienced quality of our products and our service,” said Zhao Tai, General Manager China at Analytik Jena AG.

Analytik Jena also received an order for its Life Science business unit to supply 175 real-time and standard thermal cyclers for PCR to China, including the order from a project of comprehensive training and educational project in the Chinese province of Shanxi. Further Life Science instruments and extraction kits were sold by a dealer to various regions in south China.

“We have generated about EUR 2.5 m in sales from these two orders for our two core areas, Analytical Instrumentation and Life Science. Overall, we managed to generate record order entries totaling EUR 32.1 m in the first quarter of 2015. This is a clear signal that the tide is turning for us in financial year 2015,” said Klaus Berka, Chief Executive Officer of Analytik Jena AG.