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Calibration Tutorial for Spectrometry

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Cerno Bioscience has announced the availability of an online tutorial to accompany its groundbreaking MassWorks Clips (Calibrated Lineshape Isotope Profile Search) software, a method of attaining elemental composition determination (ECD) from single or triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.

According to Company, the tutorial illustrates how MassWorks Clips attains unambiguous elemental composition ID, a capability which has until now been unavailable using mass accuracy alone, and is difficult to achieve even on expensive high resolution systems.

The tutorial describes how, when using classical calibration methods, mass spectrometry (MS) data is calibrated for mass position only. This approach leads to substantial errors due to the undefined peak shape, noise, and the empirical basis of conventional centroiding algorithms. Therefore, elemental composition analysis can typically only be carried out using higher resolution systems.

The tutorial demonstrates how MassWorks Clips uses Cerno Bioscience's patented approach to MS calibration to accurately locate peaks and suppress noise affecting analysis, enabling users of any single or triple quadrupole mass spectrometers to carry out accurate ECD.

MassWorks Clips relies not only on mass accuracy but also on a newly developed and sensitive metric, spectral accuracy, to evaluate formula of very similar exact masses. The new tutorial shows how Clips, which was launched at PITTCON 2007, utilises the mass calibration of MassWorks to obtain up to 5ppm mass accuracy with single and triple quadrupole instruments.