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CRELUX and ProQinase Establish Joint Crystal-Grade Kinase Protein and Structures Platform

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CRELUX and ProQinase announced that they have entered into a joint agreement to supply customers with crystal-grade protein kinases and readily available kinase complex structures.

Under the agreement, CRELUX and ProQinase will establish and continuously expand an off-the-shelf crystal-grade protein kinase portfolio, optimized and quality-controlled for successful crystallization. In addition, the two companies will work closely together to provide new crystal-grade protein or crystal structures, tailored to meet customers’ needs.

Recombinant protein kinases, optimized for crystallization, will be produced and exclusively marketed by ProQinase, while CRELUX will continue to provide customers with crystallization and x-ray crystallography services. CRELUX will support ProQinase by performing crystallization quality control for each crystal grade protein batch. At the same time, ProQinase will grant CRELUX privileged direct access to kinase crystal-grade protein.

“This new joint crystal-grade kinase platform offers tremendous advantages: It enables us to continue to focus on our core expertise – complex structure solution – while leveraging the expertise of ProQinase to significantly strengthen our capacities in protein expression,” commented Dr. Michael Schaffer, CEO of CRELUX.

“The combination of CRELUX’s expertise in protein crystallography and ProQinase’s know-how in kinase cloning and expression makes the two companies the partners of choice for all customers interested in kinase crystallography,” noted Dr. Christoph Schachtele, CEO of ProQinase.

CRELUX has used its structural biology platform to solve more than 250 crystal and co-crystal structures for pharma and biotech companies. This platform encompasses all steps – from target cloning and expression all the way to high-throughput protein crystallization and in-house x-ray crystallography.