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DANI Instruments Acquires Spectra Analysis Instruments

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DANI Instruments Group has announced the acquisition of Spectra Analysis Instruments Inc. (SAI), a recognized developer and manufacturer of next generation solid phase IR spectroscopy detectors for gas and liquid chromatography instrumentation.

With this acquisition, DANI Instruments Inc. opens US operations, to be headquartered at the current SAI site in Marlborough, MA. DANI Instruments Inc. will be responsible for both the global Infrared Detection business, as well as sales in the Americas for the complete DANI portfolio.

“The addition of the Spectra Analysis portfolio of DiscovIR products to our DANI chromatographic platform will provide significant benefits to our clients in forensic and material characterization laboratories. We provide chemists with comprehensive molecular characterization using multiple and advanced detection technologies including infrared and mass spectrometry”, said Umberto Saini Fasanotti, President of DANI Instruments Group. “This expanded portfolio will allow DANI Instruments to strengthen its leadership position in the gas chromatography market”, he added.

“We are very excited to join the DANI Instruments team,” commented George Giansanti, President & CEO of Spectra Analysis Instruments Inc. “The synergy of SAI and DANI organizations will drive increased market share to achieve rapid growth.”

Spectra Analysis has developed an innovative platform to provide solid phase IR detection for GC and LC systems. DiscovIR-GC and DiscovIR-LC products are routinely utilized in advanced drugs of abuse analysis and material characterization.