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Duran Group Announces New Corporate Identity

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DURAN GROUP announces that following their acquisition of WHEATON Industries and subsequent merger with a Kimble Chase, they have now successfully achieved the integration of these three brands into a single, unified international brand, DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE.

The creation of the new brand brings together under one global umbrella, quality and complementary product portfolios of three successful companies. This allows us to provide our customers with a unique and complete range of premium, purpose-built glass products as well as plastic products and fused material-based containers.

The increased manufacturing capacity of DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE makes it possible to optimize global product availability and offer faster and easier access to the products our customers need. Their customers benefit from access to a broad range of product offerings, generations of experience and expertise, and service and support that is now available all in one place.

“We are introducing DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE to the research, diagnostics, and specialty pharmaceuticals industries with great pride and excitement, as we feel that it fills a need in the marketplace,” says David Koi, the new President of WHEATON Industries. “The three corporate brands under the new global branding umbrella of DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE brings with them more than 130 years of successfully serving the life sciences market with excellence.”