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First Ever Online Event Focused on Cannabis Science

First Ever Online Event Focused on Cannabis Science content piece image
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The cannabis industry is at an all-time high but, significant challenges remain. Cannabis is federally unregulated and, in many cases, under-regulated by states in which medicinal and/or adult consumption is sanctioned. With cannabis still classified as a Schedule I drug, scientists seeking to conduct research on cannabis or cannabinoids must navigate a daunting series of review processes before they can even begin their work.

Brought to you by publication, Analytical Cannabis and taking place on September 27, The Science of Cannabis is a free to attend one-day online event accessed via PC, tablet, or mobile. Bringing together experts from testing companies, regulatory organizations, and world-leading vendors, The Science of Cannabis will explore this rapidly developing field.  

Jack Rudd, Cannabis Science Editor for Technology Networks, commented: “The challenges currently faced by scientists and regulators within the cannabis industry make it more important than ever to promote education and communication. Great science and competent cannabis testing are what will help keep consumers and patients safe, whilst ensuring they receive the medicine that is right for them.”

The Science of Cannabis 2017 Agenda Topics

  • The current state of the industry
  • Moving toward competent cannabis testing
  • Technologies for cannabis testing
  • The need for better cannabis testing

Keynote speaker

  • Dr Reggie Gaudino, VP, Science, Genetics and Intellectual Property, Steep Hill 

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dr Christina Marrongelli - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Medical University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy  
  • Dr Susan Audino - Chemistry Laboratory Consultant, S. A, Audino & Associates, LLC
  • Gregoire Audo - Director Portfolio Management - Purification Business Line, Gilson
  • Michelle Bradac - Senior Accreditation Officer, A2LA
  • Dr Jahan Marcu - Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Auditor, Americans for Safe Access and the Patient Focused Certification Program 

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