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Genedata and Roche Extend MS-based Proteomics Biomarker Discovery Collaboration

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Genedata has announced a three-year license extension with Roche for the Refiner MS module of the Genedata Expressionist® biomarker discovery system.

Refiner MS solves key requirements of large-scale proteomics and metabolomics facilities that need to process, analyze and store mass spectrometry (MS) data. As an integral part of the Expressionist biomarker discovery system, Refiner MS performs automated pre-processing of MS raw data and delivers quantified peak data ready for analysis or for storage in its relational database.

All standard MS-based technologies and data formats from major instrument vendors are supported, including high and low resolution LC/GC-MSn, MALDI TOF, infusion MS, SELDI, SILAC and MRM.

Refiner MS is a workflow based client-server application designed to process thousands of samples simultaneously. Its performance and scalability, coupled with pre-processing and visualizations, make it a computational solution for MS.