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Improved Humidity Conformance Testing for DVS Analyzers

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Hiden Isochema has announced a new improved conformance test method for their dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzers. The traceable method verifies the combined temperature and relative humidity measurement and control for all gravimetric analyzers with a humidifier or vapor generator, including the IGAsorp, and relevant options of their IGA and XEMIS series.

humidity conformance testing kit for dynamic vapor sorption DVS analyzers

The test involves monitoring the gravimetric response of a certified standard or saturated salt solution as the applied humidity is controlled near the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH). The Hertz-Knudsen equation is then used to determine the ERH of the standard and the combined measurement uncertainty. Conformance test certificates are automatically produced from HIsorp software using the calculated pass/fail criterion.

The method also includes options to cycle the test for verification of long term analyzer performance and also to change the test temperature if appropriate. The new improved method includes an automated pre-conditioning stage and may equally be applied to humidity feedback control and constant flow modes of dynamic vapor sorption analysis.

A low cost user test kit is available that also adds a weight conformance check for complete instrument verification in compliance with site quality systems including GMP.