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Innova Biosciences Installs Colloidal Gold Bulk Production Capability

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Innova Biosciences announces the installation of bulk production capability for its colloidal gold nanoparticle products. The move enables the company to support any scale of operation, including the largest players in the diagnostics field.

Innova’s ultra-high quality colloidal gold nanoparticles have a consistent  uniform shape and size, ensuring reliability and reproducibility, and overcoming potential issues around product aggregation caused by particles with irregular shapes. Innova’s colloidal gold also demonstrates high efficiency antibody binding, for maximum sensitivity. The range is available in high gold concentrations, to simplify assay development.

The Company has recently significantly expanded its production facilities at its headquarters in Cambridge, UK, which includes the added colloidal gold production capability, In addition, Innova has taken a further 2500 sq ft of office space at the South Cambridge Business Park, which will be occupied by its sales and marketing team. 

Dr Nick Gee, CEO of Innova Biosciences, commented: “Innova is committed to supporting all customers with the same high level of service and consistency in quality, from academic researchers through to bulk manufacturing scientists.”

Gold nanoparticles are used in many applications such as lateral flow point-of-care assays, microscopy, flow cytometry, Raman spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering.