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Laboratory Viollier Extends the Business Relationship with Bruker

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Viollier has used Bruker´s MALDI Biotyper system for MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry-based microbial identification now for more than two years and is fully satisfied with the analytical performance of the MALDI Biotyper and with the Bruker´s service and support infrastructure.

Since being introduced at the Viollier laboratory, the MALDI Biotyper has become an essential part of the laboratory’s high quality diagnostics efforts. The Viollier laboratory is committed to cutting-edge diagnostic tools and the MALDI Biotyper allows Viollier to provide fast and accurate microorganisms identification results for their clients. Bruker's Open Microbiology Concept enables the Viollier laboratory to decide for the most suitable integration and best performing interfacing solutions according to their requirements.

Dr. med. Olivier Dubuis at Laboratory Viollier, commented: “Bruker is a leading supplier of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry-based identification systems with a very reliable support and service network, and thus Bruker is our reliable long-term partner we were looking for. In order to stay competitive, today’s labs have to investigate new diagnostics solutions continuously in order to provide high-quality but also cost-effective diagnosis. Using the MALDI Biotyper system now for more than two years in our daily routine, it was no question to continue the relationship with Bruker. In our view, Bruker´s MALDI Biotyper system offers a very reliable and smooth identification workflow that allows for a high sample throughput and smart workflow in combination with a superior quality level.”

Dr. Guido Mix, Director of Microbiology Sales at Bruker Daltonics, added: “This extension of our business relationship with Viollier AG is a major step, demonstrating that Bruker is a reliable long-term partner for leading diagnostic laboratories. Continuously improving the service and support capabilities as well as continuous further developments in the fields of hardware, software, algorithms, reference libraries and special workflows underpins our market leading position with approximately 300 dedicated MALDI Biotyper systems installed in microbiology laboratories worldwide.”