New Pathway for RNA Revealed

News   Aug 24, 2017 | Original Story from Penn State University

Novel Form of Transcription Captured by X-Ray Crystallography

Schematic of alternative pathways for transcription elongation complex formation. During canonical transcription (left) the growing strand of RNA extends toward the RNA exit channel of RNA polymerase. New, high-resolution crystal structure determined in this study shows that during reiterative transcription (right) the RNA extends toward the main channel of RNA polymerase. Credit: Murakami laboratory, Penn State University



Bacteria Eats Greenhouse Gas with a Side of Protein


With the ability to leech heavy metals from the environment and digest a potent greenhouse gas, methanotrophic bacteria pull double duty when it comes to cleaning up the environment. Scientists have identified two never-before-studied proteins, MbnB and MbnC, as partially responsible for the bacteria’s capabilities.


Microgel Mops Up Toxins Without Harming "Good" Bacteria


While it’s easy to blame the bacteria during intestinal infections, it’s actually the toxins the bacteria produce that trigger inflammation, diarrhea, fever and cramps. Treatments typically include indiscriminate antibiotics that slaughter health-promoting gut bacteria along with disease-causing microbes. Researchers now report the development of a microgel scavenger that targets toxins instead of bacteria.


Rechargable Antibacterial Coating - Just Add Bleach!


Stainless steel is the gold standard for kitchen appliances and cookware, described as modern and sleek. But bacteria can grow on stainless steel surfaces, contaminating food. Current coatings available on the market are pricey and potentially harmful, so scientists have now developed an affordable specialized polymer coating for such surfaces that they can recharge with bleach treatments.



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