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Protea, Protein Metrics Collaboration to Focus on Biotherapeutics

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“We are positioning Protea to be a leader in the next generation of bioanalytics, focused on the needs of the biotherapeutics industry,” stated Greg Kilby, Ph.D., Protea’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He added, “Our Protein Metrics collaboration will provide Protea access to advanced software for comprehensive protein characterization, PTM analysis, and sequence variant analysis.  We will combine our technologies, including our proprietary LAESI mass spec imaging platform, with Protein Metrics software to provide novel, ‘big data’ services to identify, characterize, and quantify biologically important molecules. Biopharma is in need of these new bioanalytical capabilities.”

Chris Becker, President and CEO of Protein Metrics, commented that, “The rapid adoption of our suite of software is entirely thanks to the input from our customers who have helped us design tools that are directly applicable and tailored to their needs.  We are delighted to partner with Protea Biosciences and are looking forward to seeing our software advance the results they provide their clients.”