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Setaram High Temperature Workshop

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Setaram Inc, a manufacturer and supplier of high performance thermal analyzers, calorimeters, gas sorption and high pressure mass spectroscopy instruments for challenging and demanding applications has announced a High Temperature Workshop being held in September.

SETARAM with the collaboration of Prof. A. NAVROTSKY of the UC Davis Peter A. Rock Thermochemistry Laboratory will present a two day workshop to cover the latest information and technology for the high temperature challenges in thermal analysis, calorimetry and gas sorption.

This workshop will be held directly before HTMC-XIII, the IUPAC Conference on High Temperature Materials Chemistry.

September 13th and 14th.

Topics will include :
• High temperature thermal analysis applications
• High temperature Calvet microcalorimetry applications and possible new instrumentation
• Setaram high temperature thermal analysis line
• UC Davis Peter A. Rock Thermochemistry Laboratory Visit
• Calorimetric applications on solid electrolytes and other energy related material
• Energy related applications of the volumetric technique.