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Shimadzu, Hanson Research Partner

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Shimadzu and Hanson Research have formed a strategic alliance to bring analytical improvements to pharmaceutical dissolution testing laboratories. The partnership combines unique technologies and talents from the two companies to help improve analytical accuracy, regulatory compliance, and testing throughput.

Hanson Research, a privately held Southern California technology company that focuses primarily on developing high tech instruments for pharmaceutical dissolution and diffusion testing, and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, a leading provider of analytical instrumentation headquartered in Columbia, MD, will integrate Hanson’s semi-automated Vision® dissolution platform with Shimadzu’s UV-1800 to create an automated on-line system.

The combined package will address the growing demand for automation efficiencies, better reporting and data integrity, audit-proof security compliance, and simplification of complex processes. For dissolution labs that require an HPLC analytical finish, Hanson will introduce a semi-automated integration of their Vision® AutoPlus™ dissolution autosampler to Shimadzu’s HPLC product. It is intended to save the analyst’s time and reduce human error.

Keith Hamman, President of Hanson Research, says that the companies’ combined know-how and commitment to customer support will bring a level of expertise to the pharmaceutical testing market that’s not easy to find these days. “There are many analytical instrument vendors out there that are highly skilled experts in very niche industries”, said Hamman. “There are also a few manufacturers that have broad knowledge of many industries.

To be able to work with the brilliant folks at Shimadzu and merge our unique skill sets allows us to focus on the customer’s whole dissolution testing process rather than just separate segments. The partnership’s goal is customer success”.

Terry Adams, Vice President of Marketing for Shimadzu Scientific Instruments states, “Shimadzu is proud to work with Hanson Research, a company that shares our dedication to customer satisfaction. Their rugged, versatile dissolution system is an ideal complement to Shimadzu’s UV-Vis and HPLC instrumentation, allowing us to meet customer demand for seamless, unified platforms for dissolution testing.”