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TA Instruments Broadens TGA Portfolio with Acquisition of Rubotherm

TA Instruments Broadens TGA Portfolio with Acquisition of Rubotherm content piece image
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TA Instruments announced the acquisition of Rubotherm GmbH of Bochum, Germany. Rubotherm develops and manufactures analytical test instruments for thermogravimetric and sorption measurements that are used in both industrial and academic research laboratories in disciplines that include chemistry, material science and engineering.

The Rubotherm instruments are based on a patented magnetic suspension balance that allows for contactless measurement of mass changes of samples in a closed reactor under controlled environments with extraordinarily high resolution and accuracy. Applications include gravimetric measurements over a wide temperature range, under vacuum or high pressures, using corrosives, toxics or vapors as reaction atmospheres. These systems are used every day in the world’s largest and most prestigious companies, academic institutions, and national standards laboratories.

Terry Kelly, President of TA Instruments commented on the acquisition: “Rubotherm brings a great new technology and capability to TA in the form of their patented magnetic suspension balance. The application of this technology in TGA opens new markets for TA and further extends our world leading position in thermal analysis.”

Frieder Dreisbach, Managing Director of Rubotherm commented: “We have provided for more than 25 years our high end measuring technology and services internationally with our small team from Germany. It is the right time now to join the global organization of TA Instruments and provide higher quality services to our international customer base and new potential customers. We are very excited to offer our unique technology to a much broader scientific community through TA Instruments.”

TA Instruments  is the leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry. The company is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, and has direct operations in 24 countries.