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Thermo Fisher Scientific Finalizes Informatics Sale to Sinopec

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has announced that Sinopec signed a contract to standardize on Thermo Scientific laboratory information management systems (LIMS), chromatography data systems (CDS) and desktop spectroscopy software.

As the corporate standard at Sinopec, the systems will be used to track, store, manage, report and share data enterprise-wide. The standardization project is focused on saving costs and reducing time-to-market, as well as improving overall product quality through more efficient use of data.

“Sinopec is a natural fit for Thermo Scientific software solutions,” said Lew Rosenblum, president of Thermo Fisher Scientific China.

“We bring to the table more than two decades of experience serving the petrochemical industry, the largest direct informatics sales and support organization in China, and products that are proven, flexible and adaptable for an enterprise of this size and scope. Sinopec can be sure Thermo Fisher is prepared to meet their needs, now and as they continue to evolve,” Rosenblum said.

After a pilot implementation at its Sinopec Guangzhou Branch, the company decided to implement Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™, Atlas CDS™ and GRAMS enterprise software throughout multiple laboratories in its refinery, chemical and R&D facilities in China.

At the Quality Inspection Center in Guangzhou, operators have real-time data monitoring and are alerted to any data variation. When irregularities are spotted, system users can take immediate action to probe for possible causes and make necessary adjustments to ensure product quality.