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Tosoh Bioscience LLC Announces Partnership with PolyAnalytik Inc.

Tosoh Bioscience LLC Announces Partnership with PolyAnalytik Inc. content piece image
Image Credit: Tosoh Bioscience LLC
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Tosoh Bioscience LLC is excited to announce their newly formed partnership with PolyAnalytik Inc. (London, Ontario, Canada), broadening their reach and expertise in the field of GPC for polymer characterization. This new partner will serve as an authorized distributor and technical resource supporting the EcoSEC® GPC Systems and TSKgel® HPLC columns product lines throughout Canada and states in the Eastern and Midwestern regions of the US.

Founded in 2007, PolyAnalytik Inc. provides innovative polymer analysis with the use of advanced GPC/SEC technology along with novel analytical strategies to a wide range of applications containing synthetic polymers, biopolymers, proteins, and natural polymers for all industries. Their services range from GPC/SEC analysis, R&D, method development and validation, technical support, instrument sales & installation, training and method transfers.

“Our partnership with PolyAnalytik Inc. allows us to better serve our customers in North America,” says Ilir Koliqi, Sr. Sales Manager, Laboratory Products. “In addition to providing access to our instruments capable of performing polymer characterization, PolyAnalytik Inc can provide support to those customers requiring outside expertise for sample analysis and/ or method development.”