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VUV Analytics & Chromatographic Specialties Inc. Partner

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VUV Analytics, Inc. and Chromatographic Specialties, Inc. have announced a distribution partnership of the VGA-100 to Canada.

Chromatographic Specialties is located in Brockville, Ontario and specializes in supplying gas & liquid chromatography sample preparation, consumables and instrumentation. Founded in 1963, Chromatographic Specialties has grown to be Canada’s largest supplier of chromatography products.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Chromatographic Specialties to expand our VGA-100 distribution to the Canadian market. Now we can offer greater accessibility to this innovative technology to our Canadian customers,” says Cary Anne Simpson, Director of North American Sales at VUV Analytics, Inc.

“Adding this unique and innovative solution to our chromatography product line is extremely exciting for us,” says Yves Bouchard, Instrumentation Manager at Chromatographic Specialties, “We know our customers will value this universal detector’s sensitivity, selectivity, and ease-of-use. There is no other detector on the market like the VGA-100, and we are proud to be distributing this ground-breaking instrument to all of Canada.”

Since launching in 2014, the VGA-100 detector has claimed the distinguished “Best New Analytical Instrument” award at the Gulf Coast Conference, emerging from a competitive field of the world’s newest scientific instruments. Additionally, The Analytical Scientist named the VGA-100 a Top 5 winner in their annual Innovation Awards. These awards represent validation from leading analytical chemists of the vast potential offered by this novel, and truly unique approach to a largely routine and established science.