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Alternative Cellular Energy Based Therapy of Childhood Diarrhea

Alternative Cellular Energy Based Therapy of Childhood Diarrhea content piece image

Enercel is a licensed water product that is able to convert physical energies into a biological energy that can be utilized by cells to help maintain normal function. It is generated by successively diluting a mixed solution of various minerals and diluted products from the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia into water containing 4.0% v/v alcohol. Enercel is bottled using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures and quality controlled by Vijosa Laboratory, at San Salvador, El Salvador. In the present study, Enercel was evaluated as an adjunct to the routine care of children under 5 years of age presenting with acute diarrhea. An intramuscular injection of 3 ml of Enercel was provided to a randomized group of children (n = 58) upon hospital admission and again 12 hours later. The children were discharged at 24 hours and reexamined 48 hours later. Compared to the initially well matched randomized control group (n = 53), at 48 hours post hospital discharge the Enercel treated group had fewer children with persisting increased peristalsis (p<0.001), dehydration (p=0.0224), fever (p=0.0126) and continued multiple bowel movements (p=0.0035). Benefit occurred in both rotavirus antigen positive and rotavirus negative children with acute diarrhea. Enercel represents a class of broadly acting non-toxic therapies that can seemingly enhance the body’s capacity to regain normal cellular function through a recently defined alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Enercel and related products have potential application in the prevention and therapy of many of the major illnesses in both developing and developed countries.