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Analysis of Doping and Forensic Drugs in Urine Using High-Resolution GC/Q-TOF

In doping control and forensic toxicology applications, there is a high requirement for sensitivity and quantitative capability as well as an increasing demand for screening approaches, opening the possibility for retrospective analysis. GC triple quadrupole systems are highly valued for their sensitivity and wide dynamic range, making it a perfect instrument for targeted analysis and quantitation. However, the disadvantages of using GC Triple Quadrupole instruments include a limited scope of compounds able to be analyzed in one run and the lack of capability to perform retrospective analysis. These limitations motivate analysts to keep looking for alternative solutions, such as high resolution accurate mass instruments capable of both high sensitivity and wide dynamic range in complex matrices.

In this study, we are examining the potential for high resolution accurate mass 7250 GC/Q-TOF equipped with low energy EI source, for both quantitative and screening aspects of doping control and forensic drugs applications.