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What Are the Compounds Released From Coffee Filter Paper?

What Are the Compounds Released from Coffee Filter Paper? content piece image

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups consumed every year. This popularity has provided convenient and affordable coffee that can be brewed at home with various types of equipment. Most techniques utilize a filter to hold the ground coffee during the brewing process. Coffee filters can reduce some of the acidity and oils from the coffee, but if they are not rinsed, negative aromas can be extracted during the brewing process. This can lead to a cup of coffee with paper, plastic and other off-odor aromas.

Is your coffee clean? Download this poster to discover how it was found that:

  • Each filter had different levels of the same components with only a few being unique
  • Rinsing the filter with hot water did remove some of the compounds but also reduced the effectiveness of acid removal
  • The rinsing solution might benefit from a lower pH than tap water to aid in the removal of the most compounds from the filter paper