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Latest Product News

Bruker's MOBILE-IR II FT-IR spectrometer
Product News

Bruker Launches Portable MOBILE-IR II Spectrometer To Bring Laboratory-Grade FT-IR Analysis to the Field

Bruker Optics announces the launch of the MOBILE-IR II – a portable, battery-powered Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer that delivers the high spectral performance of a laboratory benchtop system.
The QuantStudio Absolute Q dPCR System
Product News

New dPCR Liquid Biopsy Assays for QuantStudio Absolute Q dPCR System and Custom Design Tool Simplify Cancer Research

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced over 50 new Absolute Q Liquid Biopsy Assays to run on the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Absolute Q dPCR System.
Left image: Stephen Chappell, Lynne Chapman and Stephen Brough winning the Laboratory Efficiency and Assessment Framework (LEAF) green initiative award. Right: DrySyn heating blocks and CondenSyn waterless condensers.
Product News

UK Chemists Cut Energy Consumption in Half

The Central Teaching Laboratories and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool (UK) have published an in-depth study that reports upon their implementation of Asynt laboratory equipment as they strive to meet their primary sustainability goals.
The Applied Biosystems 3500 Dx Series Genetic Analyzer
Product News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Updates Applied Biosystems 3500 and 3500xL Dx Genetic Analyzers To Comply With IVDR Regulations

Thermo Fisher Scientific has updated its Applied Biosystems 3500 and 3500xL DX genetic analyzers to comply with IVDR regulations.
A scientist wearing a white lab coat and blue gloves looks at a piece of equipment.
Product News

Sartorius BIA Separations and Exopharm Sign Joint Research Agreement To Develop Integrated Technology for Large-Scale Exosome Production

Sartorius BIA Separations and Exopharm Ltd. have announced they had entered into a formal collaboration.
Product News

Porous Plastic Devices Reduce Industrial Noise

Offering excellent sound attenuation properties, new Vyon® porous plastic silencers from Porvair Sciences directly fit into the exhaust port of pneumatic equipment ensuring the noise from air escaping to the atmosphere is reduced to a safe decibel level.
The chemistry flowmeter
Product News

Flow Device Helps Improve Accuracy and Reproducibility of Chemical Reactions

For labs looking to improve accuracy, reproducibility and yield from liquid phase chemical reactions – TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has developed the Chemistry flowmeter.
A scientist stands next to the DrySyn heating block and CondenSyn Maxi waterless condenser.
Product News

Sustainable Extraction Technology Essential for Green Beauty Innovation

Asynt reports how sustainable cosmetics innovator – Keracol Ltd (Leeds, UK) is using its DrySyn heating blocks and CondenSyn air condensers in the development and scale-up of their product range.
Two hands shaking.
Product News

Leica Microsystems and Cell Signaling Technology Announce Partnership on Antibody Validation

Leica Microsystems and Cell Signaling Technology (CST) have announced a partnership to validate CST antibodies on the Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution.
The Uniqsis PhotoSyn
Product News

Routine Scale-Up of Photochemistry Reactions

The PhotoSyn™ high power LED photoreactor, from Uniqsis, eliminates problems associated with traditional batch methods enabling synthetic chemists to routinely scale up their photochemistry reactions from milligrams to several kilograms/day.