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A scientist pipetting a pink solution into a 24 well plate.
Product News

Thermo Fisher Announces FDA-clearance of First-to-Market Automated Assay to Assess Tumor Progression in Neuroendocrine Cancer Patients

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Thermo Scientific™ B·R·A·H·M·S™ CgA II KRYPTOR™ immunoassay.
A close up of a microscope.
Product News

Leica Microsystems and the University of Oxford Establish a New Collaborative Centre of Excellence for Cutting-Edge Microscopy

Leica Microsystems has announced an exciting new collaboration with The University of Oxford UK, in the fields of optical and super resolution microscopy, artificial intelligence, correlative microscopy and EM specimen preparation.
A scientist holding up a vial.
Product News

SMi Systems Secures UK Patent for Breakthrough Single Molecule Imaging Capabilities

The super-resolution optical technology will accelerate discovery in biomedical research and transform in vitro diagnostics.
an ultra-low freezer.
Product News

Thermo Fisher Freezers Now ISO Class 5.5 Designated for CGT Applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific TSX and TDE Series ultra-low freezers are tested according to ISO 14644-14 and designated ISO Class 5.5; operational; 0.1 μm, 0.2 μm, 0.3 μm, 0.5 μm, 1.0 μm, contributing to the safe and effective development of therapies.
The rack for the 2800T.
Product News

HTA Introduces 2800T: The First All-in-One Autosampler Powered by AI

HTA announces the release of the 2800T, the new all-in-one autosampler empowered by Artificial Intelligence, that can automate, all by itself, headspace analysis, liquid sample injection and SPME in any GC and GC-MS system.
The Cap2 PCR tube.
Product News

Dual-Cap Sample Collection Tube for Genetic Testing Workflows

Azenta Life Sciences has launched Cap2TM - a new 0.2ml PCR microcentrifuge tube featuring a novel dual-cap design with both hinged lid and screw cap to preserve the integrity of samples used in genetic testing workflows.
Pipette tips filled with a green solution.
Product News

Astrea Bioseparations Expands Manufacturing and Warehousing Capacity To Support Growing Demand

New 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Massachusetts will increase capacity for pre-packed column products and services and create up to 15 new full-time positions.
Optimised photochemistry module for GSM chip reactors.
Product News

Optimised Photochemistry Module for GSM Chip Reactors

The new PHOTOCHIP™ high power LED photoreactor module from Uniqsis provides chemists with a benchmark tool to run photochemical reactions with highly efficient mixing and accurately controlled temperature.
Scientist behind a screen.
Product News

908 Devices Launches MAVERICK for Real-Time In-Line Monitoring of Multiple Bioprocess Parameters

908 Devices Inc. announces the launch of MAVERICK, an optical in-line analyzer that provides real-time monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and total biomass in mammalian cell cultures.
Product News

Corning® Launches Videodrop, Revolutionizing Real-Time Nanoparticle Detection and Analysis

New optical technology aims to expedite and enhance the development of viral vectors and gene therapies.