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A Powerful Solution for PCR Sample Management in Molecular Diagnostics

The Mirage 2D barcode reader.
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The Individual Access PCR plate is part of the acclaimed Framestar range from 4titude which combines the rigidity of a polycarbonate frame with the excellent thermal transfer properties of polypropylene in each thermal cycler well. Individual wells in this versatile plate can be removed, and independently sealed using an Azenta semi-automated sheet or individual access heat sealer. This enables customers to use from 1 to 96 wells in each plate during a PCR run, offering full workflow flexibility and mitigation against consumable wastage. Each well in an Individual Access PCR plate has an individual, randomly generated Data Matrix 2D barcode on the base giving it a unique ID that cannot be erased or lost.

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Reading these codes is as simple as placing the Individual Access PCR plate on a Ziath Mirage 2D rack reader and opening the DP5 software. By selecting the Framestar template from the menu, reading each plate becomes a one-touch operation. In under 1 second the Mirage can read all 96 plate wells, decode, and display the data on screen. To suit your labs data management preference - results can be exported automatically in a wide range of common formats including .csv, xls, pdf, png, JSON and Python.

For lab scientists who only want to read a single Individual Access plate well, the budget priced Ziath Uno single tube reader is just the job. The easy-to-use Uno simply reads the 2D barcode on the Individual Access PCR plate well and puts the result into any open program on the desktop using Microsoft Keyboard Wedge software.