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Abberior Installs State-of-the-Art STED Microscope at MBC BioLabs

The STEDYCON™ STED super-resolution fluorescence microscope and a monitor.
STEDYCON™ STED super-resolution fluorescence microscope.
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Abberior has announced that they have placed a super-resolution STED microscope at MBC BioLabs. The installation is part of Abberior's efforts to support biotech entrepreneurs in launching and growing innovative life science companies.

The STEDYCON™ STED microscope is a super-resolution fluorescence microscope, which allows researchers to visualize biological structures and processes at the nanoscale level with high accuracy and detail. The instrument will be an essential resource for biotech entrepreneurs at MBC BioLabs, enabling them to develop new products and therapies with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

"We are thrilled to bring this cutting-edge technology to MBC BioLabs and help support the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs," said Dr. Christian Wurm, CEO of Abberior Instruments America. "Our STEDYCON microscope combines cutting-edge resolution and imaging performance with ease of use, enabling researchers to make breakthrough discoveries and bring new innovations to the market."

MBC BioLabs, which has locations in the heart of San Francisco’s thriving biotech community, provides a supportive and collaborative environment for biotech startups to grow and flourish. The addition of Abberior's STEDYCON is a major investment in the future of biotech innovation and will help to further position MBC BioLabs as a leading destination for life science entrepreneurs.

"We are committed to providing our members with the resources and support they need to succeed, and the installation of Abberior's STED microscope is a major step forward in that effort," said Dr. Doug Crawford, Founder of MBC BioLabs. "This tool will play a critical role in helping our startups to develop innovative products and therapies that will have a transformative impact on human health and well-being."