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Advanced Chromatography Preparation and Separation Solutions Deliver Robust and Reliable Sample Analysis

Advanced Chromatography Preparation and Separation Solutions Deliver Robust and Reliable Sample Analysis content piece image
SMART Automation workflow

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Laboratories can access advanced analytical sample preparation, purification and separation solutions that facilitate the high-resolution analysis of steroid hormones and drugs of abuse. Thermo Fisher Scientific is showcasing its new solutions during the 2019 Pittsburgh Conference & Exposition (Pittcon 2019), being held March 17–21, at Booth #2632 at the Pennsylvania Conference Center, Philadelphia.

“As purification, preparation and separation are essential steps in every analytical workflow, scientists across the life sciences spectrum are demanding improvements across each step and higher levels of confidence in any data produced,” said Molly Flick, vice president and general manager, chromatography columns and consumables, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Introducing our new workflow and column provides rapid access to high-quality data, revealing insights that will enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.”

Accelerated peptide mapping workflow
The Thermo Scientific SMART Automation workflow is a comprehensive, easy-to-use liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) based analytical solution that overcomes the inefficiencies typically associated with protein characterization techniques by bringing together the existing Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Trypsin Kit with Magnetic Bulk Resin option with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime system with automated magnetic bead technology for flexible, fast and reproducible peptide mapping. The combination of these solutions into the SMART Automation workflow enables pharmaceutical, biopharma or drug manufacturing laboratories to achieve trypsin digestion in one hour with high levels of recovery, sensitivity and data quality in a format that is compatible with automation.

“Biotherapeutics must be analyzed to guarantee their safety and efficacy, but traditional peptide mapping techniques are often slow and time consuming,” said Jonathan Bones, characterization and comparability laboratory, NIBRT – The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training. “With the application of the SMART Automation workflow, biotherapeutics can now be prepared for analysis using a robust, reproducible approach that helps to accelerate mapping characterization and the confirmation of multiple proteins in a sample.”

Fast, reproducible separation of drugs of abuse and steroids hormones
Thermo Scientific Accucore Biphenyl LC Column provides robust and reliable separation of isomeric compounds by pharmaceutical, clinical research and forensic laboratories, such as drugs of abuse and steroid isomers, and is designed to avoid the challenges of unresolved peaks, long run times and insufficient lot-to-lot consistency traditionally introduced by C18 columns. The Accucore Biphenyl LC column can support the optimization of critical parameters such as retention time stability and peak asymmetry while offering improved column life and compatibility with 100% aqueous conditions for the fast and sensitive separation of aromatic and moderately polar analytes from a variety of sample matrices.