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Affordable Multi-Functional Controller for Microscope Accessories

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The OptiScan® III from Prior Scientific is a powerful, entry level system for controlling the OptiScan range of motorized microscope stages and focusing devices.

Compatible with a wide range of both upright and inverted microscopes, the compact OptiScan III uniquely can be used to drive a motorized stage and a focus motor while precision motor drive technology ensures quiet and smooth motion. A joystick provides users with precise and ergonomic control of their microscope accessories in the X, Y and Z axes.

The controller is compatible with most image analysis software packages facilitating simple and seamless integration between software and hardware. The on-board 'plug and play' facility automatically configures the system components, leading to fast and simple set up. A free software development tool kit is available that includes DLL, a VB demo program and a full complement of ASCII commands.

The OptiScan III provides easy to use and precise control of microscope accessories in the X, Y and Z axes for a low outlay, and will be of interest to many microscope users across a broad range of disciplines.