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Agilent Releases Most Flexible LC Purification Portfolio

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of the new 218 and SD1 purification systems, expanding the Agilent LC purification portfolio.

The portfolio includes the 971 Flash system, the 1260 Infinity analytical-scale and preparative-scale systems, and the SD2 purification system.

Covering a range of flow rates from microliters to 1.2 liters per minute, Agilent’s LC purification solutions are unique in the industry and designed for maximum recovery and purity.

Medicinal chemists, organic chemists and process engineers will gain the highest productivity from workflow-focused software, such as Openlab CDS and LC Responder.

“We are excited by the new LC purification portfolio, which enables chemists and engineers to achieve higher-purity products,” says Helmut Schulenberg-Schell, LC marketing manager at Agilent.

Schulenberg-Schell continued, “We have developed dedicated purification systems for different sample quantities and optimized them for the highest recovery, purity and productivity.”

With the Agilent 218 and SD1 purification systems, users in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry can isolate micrograms to hundreds of grams of pure compounds due to the system’s flexibility in flow rate and injection volume, as well as the unique dynamic range of its ultraviolet detection (up to 80AU).

The system provides flexibility needed for any sample amount or column size, security for maximum recovery, and sample purity - all at an affordable price. These are the first systems to integrate former Varian preparative LC products with OpenLAB CDS software.

Agilent is a leading supplier of analytical LC systems, offering a unique portfolio of purification solutions building on a wide range of instrumentation, columns, industry standards and Openlab CDS software for every application and budget. Benefits of Agilent’s LC purification solutions include:

• Rapid and intuitive setup, building on a flexible modular structure
• Maximum purity and compound recovery with minimal risk
• Maximum instrument utilization for a wide range of sample quantities and concentrations