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Agilent Technologies Introduces new Agilent MS Analyzed Vials

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced Agilent MS Analyzed Vials, the first vials and closures to have been analyzed by GC/MS and LC/MS and shipped with their mass spectra in a single package. The new vials allow scientists to anticipate any ghost peaks caused by the vials, thereby eliminating unnecessary rework. The vials, caps and septa, and their analytical data are lot-specific and fully traceable.

“The rapid adoption of extremely sensitive mass spec systems puts more emphasis on the need for high-purity, validated supplies,” said JR Daversa, Agilent global marketing program manager, Chemistries and Supplies Division. “By analyzing these vials and closures and including lot-specific MS data, we’re saving users the effort of performing this step while still achieving high-confidence results.”

In addition to the vials and certificate of analysis, each kit contains septa and caps for convenience. They are available in certified screwtop and crimp- top vial packs, in clear or amber glass. Users can choose virtually any combination of certified vials, caps and septa for their applications.