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Agilent Technologies Introduces Two Additions to 1200 Series HPLC-Chip/MS System

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced two additions to its 1200 Series HPLC-Chip/MS system.

The first is the High-Capacity Enrichment Column Chip, which helps users separate low-abundance peptides from complex mixtures. The second is the Intact Protein Chip, optimized for separating intact proteins. Both are designed to enhance the LC/MS workflow for proteomic study.

“The key benefit of the High-Capacity Enrichment Column Chip is the ability to load a relatively large amount of a complex sample without displacing the low-abundance peptides from the enrichment column,” said Georges Gauthier, Agilent worldwide product manager of HPLC-Chip, nanoflow and capillary LC systems. “Customers have asked for the ability to load larger quantities, and now they have it.”

The microfluidic nanospray chip handles sample loads up to 4ug and contains a 160nl enrichment column and a 75um x 150mm analytical column. Stationary phase is 5um, ZORBAX 300sb-C18 (300A).

The Agilent Intact Protein Chip, containing a ZORBAX SB-C18 stationary phase, is optimized for separations of proteins up to 80KDa. The chip contains a 40nl enrichment column and a 75um x 43mm analytical column.

Agilent pioneered the HPLC-Chip/MS concept in 2005, combining nanoflow HPLC columns and connecting capillaries and a spray emitter into a re-useable, monolithic credit card-size device. This allowed the advantages of high sensitivity and low-sample consumption provided by nano LC/MS to be accessible to scientists without the troublesome valving and capillary tubing of conventional nano LC.

Agilent now offers nine versions of HPLC-Chips. The others include: MS calibration and diagnostic chip, Protein ID chip #1, Protein ID chip #2, Glycan chip, Small Molecule chip #1, Infusion chip, and custom and special order HPLC-Chips.