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Agilent Technologies Introduces Upgradable Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

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“Users want their instrument investments to be future-proof, which is why we’ve designed the 6420 Triple Quad LC/MS system with two levels of performance upgrades,” said Tim Schlabach, Agilent’s senior LC/MS product manager. “We have also made it more productive, with faster electronics and new software features. Our popular dynamic MRM solution for grouping ion transitions by retention time has been enhanced with the addition of triggered MRM for simultaneous compound confirmation.”

The Agilent 6420 is well suited for both routine and complex analyses such as toxicology, environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical, and drugs of abuse testing. It is designed for round-the-clock operation to support labs running a large number of samples.

The 6420 replaces Agilent’s popular Model 6410 triple quad. The 6420 maintains method and data compatibility with existing 6410 methods. The 6420 can be easily incorporated into high-productivity laboratories with multiple 6410 systems.

The 6420 supports Agilent’s leading UHPLC solutions with all the benefits of a complete LC/MS system from a single vendor. Quieter mechanical pumps, now manufactured by Agilent, are original equipment.  For users, this means a single point of contact for the instrument and all ancillary components.

The Agilent 6420 will be available in July.