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Agilent Technologies Upgrades Single Quadrupole LC/MS Family

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At the entry level of the Agilent single quad LC/MS portfolio, the 6120B now has POS/NEG switching that is 10 times faster than the previous instrument. Switching speed up to 30 milliseconds provides more information from each injection, even with narrow LC peaks. Scan speed also increases substantially, from 2,500 u/sec to 5250 u/sec for higher confidence molecule identification and confirmation.

The mid-range Agilent 6130B is now compatible with Agilent Jet Stream technology. This unique sample inlet design uses super-heated sheath gas to focus the ion stream entering the mass spec. This improves sensitivity by producing a stronger signal with lower relative standard deviation at the limit of detection. The instrument already delivers a mass range to 3000 amu, and the added sensitivity further enhances its versatility.

Agilent also announced a new release of MassHunter Translator software, with benefits for users of all Agilent single quad LC/MS systems, including the high-performance 6150B. Translator automatically converts SQ data files to the MassHunter format. MassHunter provides powerful qualitative and quantitative data analysis and reporting. The translator software previously supported only a manual process requiring much more user intervention.

“Our single quad customers have long appreciated the ruggedness and performance of the 6100 series,” said Ken Miller, Agilent marketing director, LC/MS. “Now we’re rewarding their loyalty by giving them more for their instrument investment.”