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Analytik Announces the Launch of the Sentronic Handheld NIR Analyzer

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Analytik has announced the UK and Ireland availability of the Sentronic handheld NIR analyzer, the SentroID for the fast identification and composition analysis of plastics and polymers.

Analytik have been appointed as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of Sentronic’s SentroID handheld near-infrared spectrometer. This easy-to-operate analyzer is designed for the rapid identification of plastics and polymers. It also provides compositional analysis. Analytik will be supported by Sentronic from their Dresden base in Germany where they have built up over twenty years’ experience in the development and manufacture of process spectroscopy solutions based on a core competence in photonics.

In today’s environment of increased safety, quality and productivity requirements, the plastics and polymer industry needs to ensure that the right material is flowing swiftly across all stages of the value chain.

Portable instruments such as SentroID enable companies to gain a competitive advantage by increasing the level and speed of testing at minimal cost. This lightweight equipment can be used wherever it’s needed - from the raw materials through to when final products are delivered.

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) is a method that is widely used to analyze organic substances. The sample is illuminated with light in the near infrared range. This light penetrates the sample and is reflected. Depending on the chemical composition of the sample, the reflected light is modulated at different wavelengths.

The spectrometer detects the back scattered signal and divides it into its constituent wavelengths. The spectrum measured is normalized using mathematical methods and processed with either a quantitative or qualitative method.

SentroID NIR analyzer utilizes classical methods for identification. Available and implemented methods include wavelength correlation, principal component analysis and cluster based methods. For all methods, the similarity of a measured near infrared spectrum for an unknown material is compared with spectra that are part of the identification method installed on the SentroID. It is fully programmable for the customer’s applications providing non-destructive testing in a handheld, rugged and lightweight unit. It uses diode array technology with a wavelength range of 900 - 1700 nm.

As Product Specialist, Hiran Vegad says, “The SentroID is a very welcome addition to Analytik’s range of handheld and portable spectrometric tools. As a simple to use portal device, we expect to find markets for it in quality control and quality assurance; also in recycling where a quick analysis of waste materials is possible. We see particular value in the recycling of carpets and textiles.”