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Analytik Jena Presents New ICP-OES Spectrometer

Analytik Jena Presents New ICP-OES Spectrometer content piece image
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With the PlasmaQuant 9100 and the 9100 Elite, Analytik Jena presents the evolution of its ICP-OES portfolio. The new ICP-OES series aims to offer more automation, greater adaptability and shorter analysis times. The PlasmaQuant 9100 series is suitable for laboratories with difficult to analyze sample matrices and a steadily increasing number of samples. The target industries for the new solutions include the chemical industry, oil and gas industry as well as the mining and metal processing industry.

The PlasmaQuant 9100 and the 9100 Elite can be used in the oil and gas industry to analyze the composition of naphtha, diesel, gasoline and other fuels or to monitor heavy metals in oils. In the chemical industry the PlasmaQuant 9100 can be utilized for routine tasks such as purity checks of salts, acids, polymers or solvents. The systems are also suited for material analyses of ceramics, semiconductors and complex chemical compounds.

PlasmaQuant 9100 and 9100 Elite are ICP-OES systems that can be tailored to a wide range of applications thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories. For example, Analytik Jena offers fully automated autosamplers for a large variety of sample types and applications, including solutions for oil sampling, water analysis or for highly volatile samples. New switching valves optimize analysis times by reducing sample uptake and wash out times. Laboratories thus save large quantities of consumables and also reduce instrument downtime. The PlasmaQuant 9100 series uses Analytik Jena's patented plasma technology, which allows interference-free analyses and low detection limits.