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ART Appoints Koehler Instrument Company, Inc

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Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. (ART) has announced their association with Koehler Instrument Company Inc., a US-based manufacturer of testing instrumentation for the petroleum industry.

ART and Koehler Instrument Co. have recently signed a global distribution agreement whereby Koehler will distribute the Rigaku Benchtop Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) elemental analysis products to the petroleum industry.

ART is a division of Rigaku Corporation and is responsible for the engineering, production, and distribution of Rigaku EDXRF products worldwide. The company designs and manufactures benchtop and process EDXRF elemental instrumentation and X-ray Transmission (X-ray Absorption) process analyzers.

The products are used for a broad range of applications in the Petroleum market. Applications include Total Sulfur in Fuels and Crudes, Sulfur, Nickel & Vanadium in Crudes; Sulfur, Nickel, Vanadium, and Iron in Residuals; Sulfur and Ultra-Low Chlorine in Crudes, Lead in Gasoline, Lube Oils, etc.

Koehler Instrument Company, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer and provider of quality testing instrumentation and technical support services for research and testing laboratories since 1925. Their product lines include viscosity, penetration, flash point, tribology, and distillation equipment, which highlight a wide range of physical and chemical property analyzers used in the industry.

Robert Bartek, President of Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. commented, “We are proud to be teaming up with Koehler Instruments. Their global presence and market focus will provide an opportunity to grow our business in the Petroleum sector.”

Among the Rigaku benchtop elemental analysis products now available through Koehler are the compact Rigaku NEX QC Sulfur Analyzer, Rigaku NEX QC+ high resolution EDXRF spectrometer, and Rigaku NEX CG Petro Analyzer. These powerful, compact, multi-element spectrometers offer rapid elemental analysis of crude, oils, gasoline, fuels, and lubricants.