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Artel Field Team Expands to Help More Laboratories Achieve Their Quality and Productivity Goals

Artel Field Team Expands to Help More Laboratories Achieve Their Quality and Productivity Goals content piece image
Credit: panumas nikhomkhai/ Unsplash
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Laboratories are facing ever increasing demand for their services and consequently need their liquid handling equipment to be up to the challenge.  In response, Artel has expanded its roster of expert technical field staff to assist labs in achieving their productivity goals while maintaining excellence in the quality of their data.

Laboratories on the West Coast are now able to call on Aron Grant to assist them. He is providing onsite services, installations, training, troubleshooting, and optimization of both automated liquid handlers and manual pipettes. He brings years of technical and customer support experience for laboratory operations.

To address growing needs in the Mid Atlantic area, Karlton Moore is now collaborating with customers in customizing their liquid handler performance, as well as troubleshooting and optimizing liquid handlers and assays. His experience in lab research, clinical testing, and diagnostics enables him to quickly facilitate solutions for laboratories looking to maximize efficiencies and quality.

The technical staff at Artel’s Maine headquarters has been augmented with addition of Ryan Murphy. His expertise as a field service engineer and software support specialist enables the onsite staff to respond even more quickly to more laboratories’ calls for assistance and guidance.  He also visits customer sites to deliver user pipette technique training and certification seminars focusing on hand-held pipettes and assists in performing preventive maintenance service for Artel products.

With these additions to its expert staff, Artel is even better positioned to assist customers stay ahead of their ever more challenging quality and productivity goals.