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Artel PCS Helps Uniflex in Japan Achieve ISO 17025 Accreditation

Artel PCS Helps Uniflex in Japan Achieve ISO 17025 Accreditation content piece image
Credit: This is Engineering/ Unsplash
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Artel’s PCS Pipette Calibration System has been used to assist the Uniflex company in Japan to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation by the stringent and prestigious Japan Accreditation Board (JAB). ISO 17025 is the widely accepted international standard used to demonstrate technical competence and consistency of testing and calibration laboratories. Uniflex has now been recognized as the first lab in Asia to receive this important accreditation for making volume measurements using photometry.

The Artel lab in the United States collaborated with the Uniflex laboratory in Japan to perform a successful inter-lab comparison as part of the accreditation process, demonstrating the accuracy, precision, portability, and NIST traceability that the Artel PCS provides.

“In many cases customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies won’t accept results from labs that do not have ISO 17025 accreditation,” says Uniflex founder, Akira Hattori. “We are expecting the successful accreditation to enhance the demand for our calibration services and our profile in the industry.”

With this successful accreditation, Uniflex will be providing on-site calibration of both pipettes and liquid handling systems throughout its service area, utilizing the Artel PCS. Their service offering will include detailed reports endorsed by the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB), an internationally recognized symbol of quality. This newly available Uniflex service will allow APAC (Asia-Pacific) labs to focus on the work that matters, making the most of their valuable resources.

Uniflex has invested in providing the highest standards in liquid handling quality. “This accreditation only strengthens our reputation for providing customers with the exceptional level of consistency and accuracy they have come to expect from Uniflex’s testing and calibration services,” comments Hattori.

“Artel was pleased to have the opportunity to pair its technology and experts with those at Uniflex,” says Artel’s president, Kirby Pilcher. “The partnership is an excellent way to provide labs in the region with technology focused on advancing quality, and to make it easier for those labs to achieve the accurate and repeatable results they insist upon.”

About Uniflex

Uniflex was founded in 1976 by Akira Hattori.  The company has grown into one of Japan’s leaders in the import,  export and application of scientific technologies and instrumentation for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These include liquid handling instrumentation and pharmaceutical compendium testers (dissolution testers, calibration systems, pipettes), liquid handling peripherals and sample preparation systems (in-place dissolution vessel and paddle washers, bladeless mixers, microwaves) and the distribution of plastic disposables for laboratory use (sample cups, transfer pipettes, etc). In addition to introducing these latest technologies to the scientific community, Uniflex carries out on-site performance validation and qualification services using Artel ratiometric photometry - the most precise of calibration methods at the crucial low liquid volumes increasingly used in life science labs, and one that ensures traceability to GLP, FDA ISO 9000 GMP and other regulatory requirements.