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Artistic Microscopy Creates Stunning Product Designs

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Prior Scientific reports that its OptiScan® controller together with associated microscope stage and focus motor have been used to create stunning artistic designs.

Using this equipment, Richard Weston, a former Professor of Architecture at Cardiff University (UK) has acquired high magnification images of minerals, such as agate, fluorite, and calcite, to produce unique designs for a range of products including scarves, glass panels, and in one case a facade for a three story house.

Asked about his novel use of the Prior stage and stepper motor, Richard Weston commented “Using this high quality equipment I am able to precisely frame the images I am looking to capture thereby ensuring the best possible composition for my designs.

In addition, the stepper motor allows the use of techniques such as Z-stacking, which is vital for samples such as minerals that may have rough, uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the OptiScan control system is compatible with NIS-Elements®, which has allowed me to control the entire imaging process from a single point”.

The OptiScan ES111 stage offers a travel range of 125 x 75 mm with a resolution of 1 µm and +/- 5 ìm repeatability. The focus motor can drive at 20 revolutions per second, and has a minimum step size of just 0.002 µm.