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BAC BV and Life Technologies Launch High Speed Affinity HPLC Columns

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The collaboration announced the launch of a range of POROS® CaptureSelect® affinity columns, combining BAC’s CaptureSelect affinity ligand technology with Life Technologies’ POROS resin.
The POROS CaptureSelect line of analytical columns, which offer precise quantitation of important classes of biomolecules in minutes, are the first products resulting from the companies’ strategic collaboration announced in June 2011.

The initial product line includes:

•    POROS CaptureSelect LC-kappa and POROS CaptureSelect LC-lambda; for the analysis of human antibodies and antibody fragments containing either a kappa or a lambda light chain.
•    POROS CaptureSelect IgG-Fc; for the detection of any human IgG subclass (even IgG3) in the presence of IgG from other sources (e.g. bovine).
•    POROS CaptureSelect IgM; for the analysis of human, mouse and rat IgM.
•    POROS CaptureSelect HSA; for the analysis of HSA-fusion proteins (specific for human serum albumin in the presence of albumin from other species).

The affinity resins are offered in four different column sizes (0.1-7.9 ml column volumes) providing optimal flexibility to the end user. These products are now available for purchase through Life Technologies’ website: http://www.lifetechnologies.com/poros/captureselect.

Christine Gebski, Head of Life Technologies POROS business stated: “We are excited to be able to combine the unique specificity provided by the BAC CaptureSelect® ligands on our high performance POROS® 20 µm resin. We believe the addition of these products to our existing Affinity Chromatography Column line will unlock the same benefits of rapid, automatable quantitation or small scale purification for many other classes of biological molecules providing enabling technology to our customers.”

“The launch of these columns exemplifies the success of this strategic collaboration in making these media available to the wider research community in a short timeframe,” commented Dr. Laurens Sierkstra, CEO of BAC, adding, “We look forward to developing additional innovative products in the future.”