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Bio-Rad Launches PTC Tempo 48/48 and PTC Tempo 384 Thermal Cyclers

The PTC Tempo 4848 Thermal Cycler.
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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), a global leader in life science research and clinical diagnostic products, today announced the launch of its PTC Tempo 48/48 and PTC Tempo 384 Thermal Cyclers, designed to support PCR applications in basic and translational research, process development, and quality control. 


The PTC Tempo 48/48 and PTC Tempo 384 Thermal Cyclers are the latest additions to the Bio-Rad portfolio of conventional PCR thermal cyclers. The PTC Tempo Thermal Cyclers are built with a refreshed, intuitive user interface and flexible connectivity features for streamlining protocol management, including monitoring capabilities on the BR.io cloud platform. Engineered to maintain superior thermal performance, the PTC Tempo Thermal Cyclers offer scientists the flexibility to scale within the laboratory.  

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The PTC Tempo 48/48 Thermal Cycler features separate dual blocks with manual lids, allowing two independent protocols to run simultaneously. Optimized for laboratories working with higher sample throughput, the PTC Tempo 384 Thermal Cycler features a motorized lid for automation compatibility and integration with robotics. 


“We are excited to bring the PTC Tempo 48/48 and PTC Tempo 384 Thermal Cyclers to the market, expanding the PTC Tempo family and completing the refresh of the 1000-Series Thermal Cyclers for research use,” said Steven Blakely, Senior Director of Marketing for Bio-Rad’s gene expression business. “These PCR instruments offer enhanced usability with features designed to support academic, commercial, and biopharma labs.”