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Bio-Rad Launches PTC Tempo 96 and PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cyclers

The Bio-Rad PTC Tempo 96 Thermal Cycler
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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb) has announced the launch of its PTC Tempo 96 and PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cyclers, designed to optimize PCR applications such as sequencing, cloning, and genotyping.


The PTC Tempo 96 and PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cyclers are a new generation of conventional PCR thermal cyclers from Bio-Rad. The latest design is built with a refreshed, intuitive user interface and flexible connectivity features for streamlining protocol management. A motorized lid allows for automation compatibility and modern instrument control for workflows. The PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler is engineered to maintain superior thermal performance, delivering accurate results alongside the flexibility to expand and grow within the laboratory.


“The new line of PTC Tempo Thermal Cyclers delivers the same reliability and high-quality performance that Bio-Rad has been providing to customers for over 30 years,” said Steven Blakely, Senior Director, Gene Expression, Bio-Rad. “With this engineering expertise, we have developed and manufactured robust and efficient thermal cyclers that scientists need and want.”


These PCR instruments offer enhanced usability with features designed to support academic, commercial, and biopharma labs in conducting basic and translational research, process development, and quality control.